Terms and conditions :

1A) The company Ibernet S.à.r.l. in Geneva offers its customers a hosting service for pages and / or websites enabling the publication of documents produced or reproduced by IberNet S.à.r.l.

1B) The company Ibernet S.à.r.l. provided a definitive proof of contract before the publication of this contract which has been approved orally by the client.

Additional updates will not be billed.

1C) The prices of the services offered are those mentioned in this contract; they agree outside the VAT and are payable in Swiss francs within 30 days (unless otherwise agreed) from the signing of the contract in the form of cash, checks, or payment slip.

1D) The possibility of a temporary stop of the Web address of the Customer or the Service for any maintenance or improvement interventions to ensure the proper functioning of its services, involuntary, or voluntary and whatever his case can not be used as a pretext for a claim for damages.

1E) Ibernet S.à.r.l. undertakes to take all necessary measures to restart the service, and to offer accommodation corresponding to the period of non-operation, if it is more than fifteen consecutive days.

1F) Ibernet S.à.r.l. can not be held responsible for damages allegedly caused for any failure, performance degradation, errors, interruptions, deletion of files, delays in operation or transmission, theft, destruction, unauthorized access, alteration, or use of the system .


2A) In no case Ibernet S.à.r.l. can not be held liable for any action or recourse by third parties, including:

The content of the hotel-swiss.ch platform, images, texts, videos, sound, is fed by the client company. In any case, Ibernet Sàrl can not be responsible for non-compliance with the laws and regulations in force, contained and / or published on its page.
infringement of the intellectual property rights relating to the works broadcast, in whole or in part, on the customer's pages or pages without the express consent of their author.
the suspension and / or the cancellation of the accounts, in particular following the non-payment of the sums due in execution of the present contract, and more generally because of the non-fulfillment of any one of the obligations of the customer as fixed hereby.

2B) The customer undertakes to promote to his customers his micro-site or screen page with an Internet address, his e-mail address, the supplier releases his responsibility for the non-success of consultation of the micro-site or the screen page or its services.

2C) The customer must guarantee Ibernet S.à.r.l. any possible conviction in this respect.

2D) Moreover, because of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, which the customer declares to know perfectly, Ibernet Sàrl can not be held responsible for, in particular:

the difficulties of access to the hosted site because of the saturation of the networks at certain periods.
virus contamination of the customer's data and / or software, which is the responsibility of the customer.
malicious third-party intrusions on the customer's site, despite the reasonable security measures put in place by Ibernet S.à.r.l.
the damage that could be suffered by the equipment connected to the Server Center, these being under the full responsibility of the customer.
possible misuse of passwords, confidential codes, and more generally any sensitive information for the customer.


3A) The contract is deemed to be concluded on the date of receipt by Ibernet S.à.r.l. on the one hand the order form duly completed by the customer, on the other hand these general conditions.


4A) The contract is concluded for a duration of one year, which begins on the date of its conclusion as fixed in this contract.

4B) The contract is then renewed by tacit agreement, from year to year according to the rates and conditions of Ibernet S.à.r.l. at the date of renewal. The cancellation must be made in writing (registered mail) and reach us no later than 90 days before the end of the contract period. If the cancellation is not made within these deadlines, the contract is automatically extended by one year.


5A) During the accommodation, the supplier may terminate the contract without notice provided that he informs the customer by registered letter. Ibernet S.à.r.l. reserves the right to assign, transfer or provide to a third party, in any form whatsoever, the rights and obligations arising from this contract to ensure the durability of current contracts.

5B) This contract is governed by Swiss law.

Subject to the customer's status as a merchant, any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Geneva courts.


Internet : www.ibernet.ch e-mail : hotelswiss@ibernet.ch