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Coop Bildungszentrum CBZ

Coop Bildungszentrum CBZ

Canton: Basel-Country

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The Coop Training Centre in Muttenz has a tradition going back over 85 years. In 1923, the former management of Coop, a Swiss retailer, established the Training Centre in the form of a foundation. The aim of this foundation was not only to provide Coop’s employees with a chance to learn and train, but to make education and training available to each person individually in the spirit of Pestalozzi and the Rochdale pioneers.

Almost a century has passed since the foundation was set up, and society and the economy have shifted and changed. One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the vision of its founder Dr. Bernhard Jäggi - an independent thinker and employee who took responsibility for himself and his environment. Today, the Coop Training Centre still aspires to the philosophy he embodied. Since the very beginning, the foundation has constantly expanded its role as a training centre and adapted that role to reflect changing needs, in order to provide a contemporary setting for training and development. Over the years, it has also continuously expanded and modernized the facilities themselves, building a strong reputation as a leading seminar and conference centre for internal and external events in northwestern Switzerland.


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Seminarstrasse 12-22 4132 Muttenz

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