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- Delémont - Delémont is the capital of the Republic and Canton of Jura in Switzerland, located in the center of the quadrilateral formed by the cities near Basel (40 km), Bienne (50 km), La Chaux-de-Fonds (~ 60 km) and Belfort (65 km). It is 90 km from Bern, 120 km from Zurich and 200 km from Geneva. Delémont is served by the rail and the A16 "Transjurane" (section of the European Route 27). The Old Town, a well-preserved and restored historic center, has seen the commercial district of the train station, several business parks, residential areas and recreational and sports areas all around. It houses the seat of Parliament and the Government of the Republic and Canton of Jura.

Found 7 hotels. City: Delémont