- Aigle - Aigle is a town in the canton of Vaud in the district of Aigle, of which it is the chief town. Thanks to its crossroads between the plains and the mountains, it is at the heart of a railway network (lowland and mountain lines leading directly to 9 alpine resorts. Aigle is at an altitude of 415 meters and is located in the heart of the Chablais, at the crossroads of the Grande Eau and the Rhône, the Ormonts valley and the Rhone valley. At the foot of the Vaudois Pre-Alps, it is surrounded by the Plantour and Drapel massifs, vineyards and farmland. The highest point of the town is at 1,040 meters above sea level. Aigle covers an area of 16.4 km2, of which one third of FSC-labeled mountain forests surround the access to the Ormonts Valley.

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Hôtel du Nord
1860 Aigle
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