- Aarberg - Aarberg is a town and municipality in the administrative district of Seeland, Switzerland. Medieval village with a very large square in the center, Aarberg is located 20 km north-west of Bern, in the plain of Seeland. Its altitude is 456 meters above sea level. According to the Federal Statistical Office, Aarberg is 7.92 km². 23.5% of this area corresponds to areas of housing or infrastructure, 44.3% to agricultural areas, 29.5% to wooded areas and 2.7% to unproductive areas. It is located on the course of the Aar, which, since the correction of the waters of the Jura flows by the channel of Hagneck to throw itself in the lake of Bienne. The old Aar takes its course to join the Nidau-Büren canal in Büren an der Aare.

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3270 Aarberg
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