- Neuchatel - Capital: Neuchâtel - Population: 176402 - Area (km²): 803 - Official languages: French The Canton of Neuchâtel is located between the Three Lakes and the Jura. It is an ideal place for a romantic holiday or families. The township is considered one of the high places of the hikers.

Price range
Found 53 hotels.
Hotel Fleur de Lys
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
84 - 132CHF
Hotel Suisse
2525 Le Landeron
price not available
Hotel Restaurant de la Po...
2117 La Còte aux Fées
15 - 40CHF
Hotel La Maison du Prussi...
2000 Neuchâtel
170 - 320CHF
Hotel Maison Monsieur
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
70 - 100CHF
Hotel de la Croisée
2043 Boudevilliers
price not available
Petit Hôtel de Chaumont
2067 Chaumont
180 - 320CHF
Auberge au Loup Blanc Sà...
2406 La Brévine
price not available
Hôtel de Nemours
2525 Le Landeron
price not available
La Clef des Champs
2052 La Vue-des-Alpes
price not available
Hotel la Clef des Champs
2052 Fontainemelon
69 - 189CHF
La Ferme
2075 Thielle-Wavre
price not available