- Aargau - The canton of Aargau is located in the north of Switzerland, on the Swiss plateau, on the eastern foothills of the Jura. It is bordered by Germany to the north and by the cantons of Zug and Zurich to the east, Lucerne to the south and Basel-Landschaft, Solothurn and Bern to the west. At 1,404 km2, Aargau is the 10th largest canton in the Confederation. Aargau is one of the least mountainous Swiss cantons, located on a hilly territory by many hills north of the Swiss Alps and east of the Jura. The landscape alternates wooded hills with fertile valleys traversed by the Aare and its tributaries. Aargau is a major crossroads between the other cantons of Switzerland, crossed by highways from east to west and from north to south. The population density (around 450 inhab./km2) is one of the highest in Switzerland. The capital of the canton is Aargau.

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Hotel Oberstadt
5600 Lenzburg
110 - 170CHF
Hotel Restaurant Schiffl...
5708 Birrwil
price not available
Seehotel Hallwil
5712 Beinwil am See
125 - 145CHF
8956 Killwangen
price not available
Hotel Adler
5630 Muri AG
price not available
Hotel Rotes Haus
5200 Brugg
price not available
Hotel Sonne
5620 Bremgarten
price not available
Hotel Bären
5242 Birr-Lupfig
price not available
Hotel Bahnhof
5605 Dottikon
70 - 120CHF
Hotel Sternen
5737 Menziken
price not available
Park-Hotel am Rhein im Pa...
4310 Rheinfelden
price not available
Hotel zum Kreuz
5034 Suhr
price not available